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Temporary Tattoos September 1, 2009

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I love the neighborhood kids here!!  They are very bold- haha!  The first time they stopped by last week, they knocked on the front door several times (I was dozing on the couch downstairs) and then reached their tiny hands through our mail slot!!

Since then, they’ve been over a couple times to color, blow bubbles or play at the park right in front of our house.  On Saturday, we all got Thomas the tank engine tattoos and Percy is slowing fading from my hand.  Then we chased each other on the playground and ran around giving the kids piggy-back rides! 🙂  It’s refreshing to play with these kids (mostly 2nd grade and younger) after working with 7th and 8th graders at school.  I love their smiling faces and their friendly hugs as they leave to head home.  I think it’d be fun to get some sidewalk chalk so they can decorate the sidewalk in front of our house.

More about school next time(I thought we could use a little break from it! :-P)


One Response to “Temporary Tattoos”

  1. Lexie Says:


    You sound like you are having so much fun!!!! 🙂

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