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The Color Red September 2, 2009

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Tonight was our (us 16 interns) weekly journaling evening.  We briefly share about how we’re doing and do a 10 minute quick-write in response to a prompt, followed by sharing our writing with each other.  I figured I’d just share with you what I wrote.  The prompt tonight was to write about something that you saw today that was red:

“Jessie- storming off with her brother and father after the fight, furious about the rumors sperad by Hannah, feeling the sting of the deep scratch on her cheek.

“Anger- lots of anger.  Students angry at each other because they’re in such a habit of using their words to tear people down.  Anger because of the years of neglect and the uncertainty of how to respond when it seems like somone actually cares about them.  Anger about always getting caught doing something wrong.  Angry because of the humiliation of punishment.  Anger at their lack of knowledge because they know they have been cheated out of a good education.  Anger about the seeming aimlessness of their life.  Anger because they don’t know who they really are.”

So, what did you see today that was red?


One Response to “The Color Red”

  1. Lexie Says:

    Wow, Carrie.

    Your words were powerful in this entry! I don’t doubt that these are the things you are seeing. It reminds me of freedom writers. I’ll be praying for you and these students. It sounds like they get treated horribly almost. Could we here at Navs on campus do anything for the students? If you think of something let me know and I will talk to my Bible study about it 🙂

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