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Some Highlights September 7, 2009

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Here are some highlights from the past week or so of student teaching:

  • One of my students, D’Angelo told me the first week that he was planning to write a series of chapter books.  This past week he proudly handed me the first installment in the series- about 12 handwritten single-spaced pages.  The main character was a vampire and had to fight off these bad guys and there was this new girl at school who was the love interest of the main character.  It was pretty good stuff! 🙂  I’ll be looking forward to the sequel!
  • Another student, Nate who has a tendency to misbehave or not do his work, was having a great day.  He was right with me as we shaded in 1/4 of the grids marked out of the graph paper.  Out of nowhere, he asks me for permission to “go to the hallway and pass gas.”  haha!  After smiling, I told him, “I don’t think I have a pass for that,” and let him go anyway.  If he knew it was going to smell that bad, I wanted him out of the room!!  Nate stayed in class after the other boys had left because he wanted to finish the last problem on the worksheet- this is saying a lot for someone who doesn’t always do his work!
  • Sometimes, my cooperating teacher will give students candy if they do well on something.  As some of my students were working in groups, I told one of the groups that they were doing great and to keep it up.  One of the guys asked, “So, do we get a piece of candy?”  I promptly replied, “No, but you get the satisfaction of knowing you got this right and that I noticed.”  To which Josh replied, “That was a good comeback, miss.”  hahaha!!  Gotta love intrinsic motivation!
  • We have now gotten into a rhythm with a daily warm-up.  After the students complete the warm-up problems on their own, I choose volunteers to go to the board and write their answers.  Once they have written their work on the board, I have them briefly explain the problem to the class.  In all my classes, students love coming up to the board to write their answers… they are genuinely disappointed if they don’t get to come up.  It’s so great to see that they really are eager to learn and show what they know, they just haven’t been given many opportunities up until now! 🙂

One Response to “Some Highlights”

  1. sarah miller Says:

    Your great rapport with the students is leading you into the heart of teaching, trust. Helping kids realize a dream and believing in themselves is a big thing. Feeling worthwhile is important to kids, if they don’t get it at school and feel the intrinsic value of contributing, where will they get it? Good workd. and keep me posted.


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