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My Secret September 11, 2009

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You ready?  Come in close, I’m going to tell you a secret… I can’t do this on my own- this whole student teaching thing.  I don’t have the strength to make it through the day, to love these kids, to be patient but not a pushover, to teach 4th grade math to 7th and 8th graders becuase they’ve never been taught the basics…

If I were doing this by my strength alone, I would have pulled out half my hair by now (and I have thick hair!!) and I’d be irritated and frustrated at the end of every day.  But, my strength does not come from my own success.  If it did, I would be defeated by my failures.  On the contrary, my strength comes from my God who defeated death.  Surely He will provide me the strength to live for Him each day.

Isaiah 40:28-31 reminds us that youths will grow tired and weary, but the Lord is our source of strength that will never be depleted.  This glory strength enables me to “soar on wings like eagles!”  This is the strength that empowers me to love my students and patiently encourage and instruct them.  And God’s unconditional love propels me forward when I feel like I’ve failed because I know that he accepts me just as I am, all the time.

Yes, there are frustrations throughout the day, but my secret is putting my hope in the Lord and trusting him to renew my strength.  For me, trying to do this whole student teaching thing any other way simply wouldn’t make sense.


One Response to “My Secret”

  1. Laura Gates Says:

    Hey Carrie,
    I just read through your blogs and they were great and encouraging. Especially this one. I seriously might print it out and put it on my wall to remind of what I know is true. I’m student teaching this semester, 8th grade at Talawanda now, 10th grade later. Prayers for opportunities for those good conversations with kids would be appreciated- so far they’ve been limited.


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