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Pierce the darkness September 23, 2009

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So, in my last post I mentioned something about the students starting to warm up to me.  Well, I had no idea how true that statement was until last Friday and again today.

I’m working at a K-8 school and the 7th and 8th graders are dismissed 10 minutes before the rest of the students to make things slightly less chaotic.  Everyday I walk out and make sure my students head home right away (you would think they’d be eager to leave, but you’d be surprised at how much prodding they need!).  Last Friday I was standing on the sidewalk watching the students walk home when Greg approached me.  Now you have to understand that Greg is one of my quietest students- very bright and doesn’t get into trouble.  With his arm on my shoulder he told me that he had been talking to “the ladies,” but preferred talking with “the older ladies.”  Greg followed that up by asking for my phone number, telling me he would wait until I gave it to him.  I told him I was WAY too old for him (he even lied and said he was 15- he’s 13)!  But he couldn’t leave it at that- he asked if I would give him my phone number if he were my age (all of this while grinning the typical Greg grin).  I declined to answer his question so Greg responded by saying, “So you’re saying I’m ugly?”  At this point I guess he decided his antics for the day were done and he proceeded to walk home.  hahahaha!!  When I told my teachers, they could not believe that Greg, of all students would do this.  We shared plenty of laughs! 🙂

And then today, I was having a 5 minute chat with one of my girls’ groups before we delved into the warm up.  We were talking about birthdays and two of my girls were already making plans for their birthday party in February!!  I jokingly asked if I was invited and they said “yes.”  Maybe I’ll be headed down here to visit then- haha!

It’s these little moments that I hold onto.  I’m not looking for huge breakthroughs; I’m looking for little beams of light piercing the darkness.  It is these little rays of light, these blessings from God, that give me reason to rejoice and praise the God who is orchestrating all of this! 🙂


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