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Raspberries, Rationals and Rap September 30, 2009

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I continue to be amazed at how little exposure my students have to common experiences.  Every morning students are provided with a fruit or vegetable (strawberries, apples, carrots with ranch, etc.)  The fruit for today was raspberries- a pretty common fruit, right?  My students examined the berries closely commenting on the “hair” on them.  I explained that that’s just how they are- similar to how peaches have “hair.”  Then students commented on the sour taste.  No, the berries weren’t very ripe, but this was all a very new experience for them.  Who knew eating raspberries could be so notable?!

This week I’ve begun teaching about rational and irrational numbers.  Overall Monday was a little rough with regards to student behavior.  Students were coming back from a 3 day weekend (we had a professional development day last Friday) so that probably didn’t help.  My “R boys” group was particularly bad.  So yesterday, we discussed what I should do differently to make class go better.  (Their first suggestion was for me to give them candy- haha!  but they had some other good thoughts.)  I also had them tell me what they could do to make class better.  Overall they were a lot more attentive.  I checked their binders later and most of them had copied all of the notes about rational and irrational numbers.  Today we did some practice with these concepts as a class.  Once again my “R boys” did well.  Let’s hope they keep this up.  The biggest thing that I’ve learned that I can do to manage the class is to make sure I don’t present any content that is too challenging.  Yes, the students need to be pushed, but it’s crucial that I meet them where they are, or else they’ll just give up and shut down because “I can’t do this!”

On the way home from a “new to CPS” teacher meeting, I was listening to “my” new Flame CD (Christian rap CD that I got from the library today- I love the library!! 🙂 )  I was stopped at a light with my window down getting into the song “We Need You.”  I glance at the SUV sitting next to me at the light and there’s this 25 year old guy looking out his window smiling and bobbing his head to my music.  I just laugh and keep enjoying my music.  haha!  Being in the inner city really does make me want to listen to rap music more! 😛


One Response to “Raspberries, Rationals and Rap”

  1. big bro brad Says:

    I love how you listen to rap music now! Haha!

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