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Questions October 9, 2009

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I know I’m a teacher and I should probably have a few answers… but not today.  All I’ve got are questions…

  • How can you impact someone in just 4 months?
  • Are teachers any less insecure than their students?
  • If some teachers are writing off students and calling them “hopeless,” how did they end up in the front of the classroom?  Will tenure keep them there?
  • Which is better- to give the impression that some students are your “favorites” or to hate some students saying that they will make you jump off a bridge or using profanity and put-downs when talking about them?
  • What percentage of female teachers are sexist?
  • Was Jesus ever accused of playing favorites?
  • Has anyone considered the possibility of spreading positive “gossip” about students among other teachers?
  • Where is the line between criticizing someone constructively to build them up and criticizing someone to try to bring them down?
  • When should you speak up?  When should you shut up?
  • If you’re trying to give every student special attention, are you still playing favorites?
  • How do you balance love and sternness?
  • Do some people decide they are going to have a bad day before they even turn off their alarm clock?
  • What does it mean to succeed?
  • How can you have direction if you have no one to follow?
  • What kind of future are we helping these kids work towards?
  • What do these kids (and teachers) really need?

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