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Make it a Great Day, or Not… October 12, 2009

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…The choice is always yours.  I heard those words everyday in high school at the end of the announcements.  Today those words echoed in my head as I realized just how true they are.  If you read my last post, you probably got the impression that Friday was not my best day.

Today was a new day, a new week, a new opportunity to improve on the crappy end to last week.  I handed my lesson plans for the week to my cooperating teacher as soon as I walked in the door and chatted with her about her weekend.  Most of the day, she pulled a couple students out during each class so it was just me teaching in the classroom.  The boys’ groups were a little bit crazy (as is common, a couple of the boys act out and disrupt the entire class).  With the R Group, I was trying to explain a few things to the class, but Robbie and Darren were making that impossible.  So, rather than fight it, I let the students start working on practice problems and I worked with a couple of the guys who were ready to work- letting Robbie and Darren choose not to do their work.  The guys I was working with got quite a bit accomplished and they were no longer unfairly deprived instruction because of their disruptive classmates.  At the end of the day, my cooperating teacher commended me for the way I handled Robbie’s behavior and reminded me that when I work with small groups, I should never have my back to any of my students- especially if I sit down. (did you get that all you ed majors?!)

Overall, today was a productive day.  We are now working on the geometry standard so we’re getting into all sorts of angles: supplementary, complementary, vertical, adjacent, acute, obtuse, right… and tomorrow alternate interior and corresponding angles.  We also talked about parallel lines and perpendicular lines.  I asked students to look around the room to give me examples of where they see parallel or perpendicular lines.  They had lots of great responses! 🙂  I had them take notice of our tile floor that is full of parallel and perpendicular lines- I told them that the tile floor was like a cheat sheet that I could never take away from them.  It’s fun to make up random stuff when you’re in the front of the room- haha!

One of my goals is to have students take more responsibility in the classroom.  Today we cleared out our binders and will hopefully be putting dividers in them sometime soon (maybe Thursday)!  Also in the next week or two, I want to get the classroom jobs up and running (I started that process several weeks ago, but other things have been prioritized.)  Lastly, I really want students to recognize the importance of completing resonable amounts of homework problems so that they can have some extra practice.  As an incentive, I told them that the class that has the most people complete their homework this week will get a treat (candy, cookies or brownies!).  I think I’ll make “homework meters” so they can see them fill up when students complete their homework.  We’ll see how that goes… 🙂

Time to get a few things done so I can make tomorrow another GREAT day!!  By the way, I really enjoy reading your comments! 🙂


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