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Quit yo whinin’ June 4, 2010

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It bothers me when professional athletes whine about every single call (or lack of call).  Oh, and I’m not a fan when they flop, flailing their arms the whole way down… which can be pretty far for some NBA players (such as Pau Gasol- not that he would ever flop :-P).  If you’re talented, that’s great- entertain me with a display of your skill and athleticism.  Because even if you whine after every play, you’re never going to convince me that the ref is wrong every time; sorry, it’s just not gonna happen.  Granted, sometimes sports officials make mistakes, as Detroit Tigers’ Galarraga learned the hard way this week.  But that sour face after every play gets old really quickly.

But then again, a little bit of acting can make the game more exciting to watch.  I’m sure it’ll make for some humorous moments in the World Cup when players dramatically collide with the grass (whether someone touched them or not).  So, as long as they don’t draw fouls that weren’t even committed, I guess I’m ok with that.  But Pau, even if you are the best big man in the league, it’s ok to not get worked up after every call- just play.


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