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Applesauce and Cottage Cheese July 22, 2010

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I had my first follow up visit yesterday.  Everything is going well.  I now wear rubber bands that aren’t as restricting and can take them out when I eat.  So, now I can eat mushy foods (like applesauce and cottage cheese).  Basically I can eat anything a baby without teeth can eat- sounds bad, but after just liquids, this will be a nice change.  But, after 4 weeks of it, I’m sure I’ll be ready to start eating other stuff.


Now that I have these new rubber bands in, I can move my jaw a little bit more now which makes talking a little easier (definitely not back to normal… and it won’t be until I get my “splint,” aka plastic thingy, off my top teeth in a month).  The swelling is still going down- slowly.  I pretty much haven’t been able to smile because of it, which might be worse than the not talking! 🙂  I’m so thankful the school where I’ll be teaching starts later than most and it looks like I’ll be totally recovered when it’s time to start.


Not really sure what else to comment on… I haven’t been doing a whole lot since I’ve been recovering.  Perhaps a non-recovery related post is in order. 🙂


Recovery July 16, 2010

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On July 6, I had jaw surgery… Overall, everything went very well.  I had to wait awhile before I went into the OR.  Once I got there and moved over to the operating table as the doctors hovered around making preparations, I remember thinking “I am way too awake right now.”  And, that’s the last thing I remember.


I stayed overnight and left around noon on Wednesday (getting home in time to watch Spain beat Germany in the World Cup).  The first few days my face swelled a TON!!  When I looked in the mirror, it didn’t even look like me!  Also, my nose was really stopped up, but started getting better a few days out (won’t go into detail- you’re welcome 🙂 ).  About a week after surgery, I was finally able to taste my food.  Before then, I could just distinuguish between sweet (chocolate milkshake), sour (cranberry juice), salty (V8 juice), bitter (crushed up sudafed pill semi-dissolved in water- yum!  haha!).


My top and bottom jaw are rubber banded together so I essentially can’t move them at all.  Consequently I’m not answering my phone and I’m on an all liquid diet.  I average probably 2.7 milkshakes per day and have discovered vanilla protein powder (not bad stuff!).  I’m amazed what can be liquified in a blender- I’ve had pork burrito (minus the tortilla), teriyaki chicken and mac and cheese.  The first couple days I was eating out of a large syringe with rubber tubing attached at the end, because I had a lot of numbness.  That made eating take WAY too long, so now I’m just drinking everything from a glass.  Thankfully I have no numbness in my bottom lip because they only moved my top jaw.  Most (if not all) of the numbness will go away with time- my upper lip and part of my nose and cheeks are still completely numb.  Also, I was told 80% of the swelling will go away in the first month.


Can you tell I haven’t been able to talk and just needed an outlet to “say” something?  I’ll try to keep periodic updates coming.  Thanks for all your prayers. 🙂