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Recovery July 16, 2010

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On July 6, I had jaw surgery… Overall, everything went very well.  I had to wait awhile before I went into the OR.  Once I got there and moved over to the operating table as the doctors hovered around making preparations, I remember thinking “I am way too awake right now.”  And, that’s the last thing I remember.


I stayed overnight and left around noon on Wednesday (getting home in time to watch Spain beat Germany in the World Cup).  The first few days my face swelled a TON!!  When I looked in the mirror, it didn’t even look like me!  Also, my nose was really stopped up, but started getting better a few days out (won’t go into detail- you’re welcome 🙂 ).  About a week after surgery, I was finally able to taste my food.  Before then, I could just distinuguish between sweet (chocolate milkshake), sour (cranberry juice), salty (V8 juice), bitter (crushed up sudafed pill semi-dissolved in water- yum!  haha!).


My top and bottom jaw are rubber banded together so I essentially can’t move them at all.  Consequently I’m not answering my phone and I’m on an all liquid diet.  I average probably 2.7 milkshakes per day and have discovered vanilla protein powder (not bad stuff!).  I’m amazed what can be liquified in a blender- I’ve had pork burrito (minus the tortilla), teriyaki chicken and mac and cheese.  The first couple days I was eating out of a large syringe with rubber tubing attached at the end, because I had a lot of numbness.  That made eating take WAY too long, so now I’m just drinking everything from a glass.  Thankfully I have no numbness in my bottom lip because they only moved my top jaw.  Most (if not all) of the numbness will go away with time- my upper lip and part of my nose and cheeks are still completely numb.  Also, I was told 80% of the swelling will go away in the first month.


Can you tell I haven’t been able to talk and just needed an outlet to “say” something?  I’ll try to keep periodic updates coming.  Thanks for all your prayers. 🙂


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