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Colorful Colorado July 9, 2011

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Probably the easiest way to summarize my vacation out in Colorado is to post some photos with captions.  If you want to know/see more, you’ll have to talk to me. 🙂  Here we go…

Walking out of the terminal at the DIA, there were thousands of folded paper cranes pinned to the wall. So while other people were cruising along on the moving sidewalk, I had to slow up to take a picture!

A rose from my grandparents' garden 🙂 ...one of their many beautiful roses

A ladybug walking upside down on a bug covered plant at the top of Green Mountain- where I went on a hike with my cousin!

Driving up to the mountain house we rented in Winter Park... gorgeous! 🙂

the view from Berthoud Pass (elevation 11,307 feet... yeah, I got high on vacation!)

The walls (and tables) in a pizza place called Hernando's... covered with decorated dollar bills- somewhere around 20,000 total!!!!

Unreflected beautiful Colorado sunset taken from the wrap-around balcony of the house where we stayed.

Sunset reflection off the new Honda pilot

As promised, here's a picture from when we went alpine sliding. Sooooo much fun! Spent most of the day riding the lift and blazing down the mountain on a winding concrete chute riding a sled-like cart with wheels... until I bumped one of the employees who was riding in front of me- oops!

Hiking through Narnia as winter turns to spring 🙂 Much of the trail was covered with snow and mud, so we couldn’t go all the way to the lake

Enjoying a game of Steal Scrabble... I managed alright this round!

All good things must come to an end... looking out the back window on the drive home through Kansas. We started our drive on July 4th, so we got to see fireworks glittering over little towns! 🙂


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