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Eggs-ellent! July 15, 2011

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One of the many things that’s nice about summer is I have a lot more time I can spend in the kitchen making tasty meals!  Recently I’ve been enjoying making different things with eggs.

First, here’s an omelet with: onions (frozen chopped), red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, cheddar cheese (mixed into the eggs before cooking).

Sautee the onions, peppers and mushrooms (until the onions are clear and some slightly browned)


Pour the egg, cheese mixture over the veggies (can also add a little milk to eggs before pouring in the skillet, if you want.)










Brunch is served! Omelet with salsa served with pineapple and cottage cheese on the side!

If you're not afraid to try something different, how about a watermelon, blueberry, spinach, ice smoothie?? very refreshing- healthy too!




















Ingredients for the omelet: fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, cheddar cheese (to add to eggs before cooking)... the bacon was cooking while I chopped thse up!

Mmmm... cooking up the ingredients before adding the egg/cheese mixture!








Omelet (turned scrambled eggs) #2



Omelet #2 was very tasty, but it turned into scrambled eggs because I added a little too much milk and it didn’t all stick together.


Now it’s your turn… see what creative omelet you can whip up! 🙂


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