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Still reason to celebrate? July 17, 2011

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Yes, it was a disappointing loss for the U.S.A., but I am glad for Japan.  After the devastating earthquake/tsunami that hit earlier this year, I think the country was in desperate need to have something they could celebrate!  After all, pity parties really aren’t that fun.  Of course relief efforts will need to continue in Japan, but now the rest of the world can join them in this celebration (or you have the option of being a sore loser dwelling in the cave of “could-have-been’s”).  I choose to celebrate.


I shared these sentiments with one of the new “friends” I made (in quotes because I’ll probably never see her again) while watching the game at BW’s and she seemed to agree.  While the outcome  of the game was not what I was hoping, I told her, “If we’re gonna lose in the final, it should be to a country that needs the win more than we do.”


To liven up your celebration, enjoy this cultural tidbit from Japan.  Her dance moves may be a little lacking, but I think the bubble gun more than makes up for it.  Enjoy!  Congrats to Japan and great work U.S. women!


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