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Remote Control July 18, 2011

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This poem/rap is a product of me processing some things God was revealing to me.  Hope you enjoy it!

I push one button
Then all of a sudden
The images flash
It’s a visual mish-mash
Plenty of drama and lies
A feast for my eyes
But it’s all a disguise
Could that button be my demise?


Flip to the news
Should be a safe channel to choose
But it’s just more drama
People complainin’ about Obama
Despite the fact that we got Osama
Get caught up in the chatter
Speculation about stuff that doesn’t matter
I think I’m getting informed- getting wise
But they’re feeding me lies
Could this be the road to compromise?


In my hand- the remote, I hold
My TV is remote controlled
But does the remote control my TV
Or is my remote control controlling me?


If it were up to me, I wouldn’t want to know the answer
My addiction to TV can be like a cancer
Invading every part of me
Penetrating the heart of me
But because God pardoned me
I can be more than partly free.


Now within me His Spirit dwells
No more looking to empty wells
And because of that my soul swells
up inside of me.
The Holy Spirit resides in me
No, I’m not controlled by a button
My God takes hold of me
He’s the one in control of me.
He’s always close to me
I’m done with being controlled remotely.


One Response to “Remote Control”

  1. 4evershalom Says:

    I love it! It is my desire and prayer to be controlled by the Holy Spirit everyday.

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