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A new beginning August 1, 2011

Filed under: School — songofjoy88 @ 11:54 am

In just 4 weeks, I’ll be putting the final touches on my (new!) classroom before my students arrive on August 30!  And while I’ve been enjoying every minute of my summer, I’m already looking forward to starting my 2nd year of teaching high school math.  Not so much so that I want to fast-forward the last 4 weeks of summer… I didn’t say I was ready for it, just looking forward to it. 🙂  I’m excited to start fresh with a new group of students (all juniors and seniors) and teach a new class (Geometry).  Teaching is such a unique profession in that every August you can start fresh- do things completely differently with a new group of students!  The first half of last year was just a bit rocky (ok, A LOT!) so I’m excited to begin the year being myself- enthusiastic, funny (or at least attempting to be!), creative and hopefully an effective teacher (even though I still have sooo much to learn!).


I want to spend time during the first few days of school doing getting-to-know-you games and team-building activities instead of just going over rules and all that boring stuff.  So, if you have any good ideas, please comment on this post or comment on the facebook link.  Thanks!


I’ll leave you with this great Meijer commercial about heading back to school.  Hope you like it! 🙂


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