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The Answer September 10, 2011

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Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher- and a math teacher, at that!  I think that I have to know the answer and that there is only one.  If I can only think through the situation logically, I can make sense of it.  Just give me all the information about the problem and I’ll find a way to solve it.  I’ll plug it into a formula or into my calculator and come up with the answer.  I just need to figure out what I need to do, and then I’ll do it.  It’s that simple-

…or is it?  My students would certainly agree with me that sometimes numbers can be messy… but I’m coming to realize more fully that they are not nearly as messy and complicated as our lives.  When our foundations crumble, we want answers.  We need answers!  Now that I’m back at school, I’m seeing this truth played out in students’ lives.  The rubble of their broken lives clutters the floor of my classroom and I’m left standing there with the disheartening realization that I am not an architect.  I cannot draft the design to rebuild their lives.  And even if I could, I wouldn’t have the skills or tools to build it!  I have nothing to offer them…

…with one exception- I can offer them Jesus.  And He is everything they need.  All I can offer is the truth of what He has done in my life and the promise that He desires all people to come to Him in repentance (2 Peter 3:9).  He cares about them more than I ever could and He showed them his great love by giving his life!

So, I will carry you to Jesus, because He is the answer!

“Carry You to Jesus” by Steven Curits Chapman


One Response to “The Answer”

  1. sandrabranum Says:

    Sometimes the hardest thing we can do is find The Light so we can walk in it.

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