Walking in Freedom

Miscellaneous musings along the way

All poured out October 26, 2011

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All poured out

I’m left here weak

Can’t even stand

No words to speak

I’m falling fast

When will I land?

He’s calling past

My circumstance.


He’s led me here

Despite my fear

So thankful cuz I know He’s near.

But I’m feeling a bit precarious

Because He’s living vicariously

through me.

He’s giving me eyes to see

What I missed before


An open door

But when opportunity knocks,

Will I usher her in?

Or just tell her to come back again?


Now’s not the right time

So much to do and I’m

Barely doing what I’ve got to do

What makes you think I have time for you?

But wait, this is the very reason He placed me here

I think it’s time that I finally faced my fear.

Step outside my comfort zone

Until outside myself begins to feel like home.


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