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Cup of Tea December 3, 2011

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A strong cup of tea

Is what I wanna be

Steeped in the word

This might sound absurd.

But I’ll start off as

A cup of hot water

Hot with desire-

Ready for the work

Of the Word to transpire.


If the bag is only in for a second

The tea will be weak-

My life will be a wreck and

The tea will lack flavor

My faith begins to waver.


So I gotta let it steep longer

Cuz I wanna savor

The Word of my Savior.

As the truth permeates my soul

The tea’s getting stronger-

The flavor takes control.

I’m no longer weak and bland

Now on the Word

I will stand.

That’s why I wanna be a strong cup of tea-

As the Word of God is workin’ in me.


One Response to “Cup of Tea”

  1. sandrabranum Says:

    Just as it takes time for strong tea to brew, so does our faith have to steep: sometimes in water — sometimes just in our souls.

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