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Kind of like jaw surgery?? July 18, 2012

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trying to eat warm cereal through a syringe… between the swelling, jaws rubber banded shut and numbness all over, this was quite a task! also, note the bell for me to ding if I needed something- haha!

Just over two years ago I had jaw surgery.  It wasn’t an emergency surgery or anything, so I had time to prepare, but the change from before to after surgery was dramatic.


Back in middle school (when it was cool), I had braces for 2.5 years, so it didn’t seem to make sense why I was now considering surgery… about 7 years later!  I didn’t need surgery, the doctors told me, but if I didn’t, I may have problems with my teeth wearing down later and needing crowns and whatnot.  Also, there was the ever present nuisance of avoiding any food that required my front teeth to make contact (sandwiches- especially with lettuce, tomatoes, etc.; chips, apples…).  Over the years, my jaw grew in a less than ideal way and my teeth didn’t fit together well at all.


So, I had braces for about 9 months leading up to surgery as they prepared my teeth for the position they would need to be in once they did the surgery.  Things seemed to get worse, but I knew the orthodontist was just setting things up for the surgeon.  Two months after graduating from college, I had the surgery.  After that day, everything changed… though temporarily not for the better!  The swelling was ridiculous and the whole rubber banded shut jaw made it very difficult to communicate!  In many ways, I became like a baby- laying around/ sleeping all day, eating liquids only (later mushy foods, then soft foods), not being able to talk, and dependent on the help of others to get what I needed (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) 🙂

taking my pain-killer medicine through a syringe- yum! (not really, but I couldn’t really taste anything, so it could have been worse!)

But now I can say- it was all worth it!  I can now eat whatever I want without wondering if food will awkwardly be hanging out of my mouth because I can’t bite it off!  Everything fits together so now I can enjoy the simple things like eating a burger that has lettuce, pickles and tomato on it!


Thinking back on all the changes and adjustments I had to make through this makes me wonder if moving and/or starting a new job isn’t kind of like jaw surgery.  For me, my first teaching job was a good fit (at least in that season of my life)… but as time went on, things didn’t fit together quite as nicely.  Nothing unbearable, but just enough to make me look ahead and consider how long that was the place for me.


When the opportunity to teach in Colorado came up, I had a decision.  It was less about a “right” and a “wrong” choice and more about where God wanted me in the long run and what he wanted me to be doing.


I imagine in some ways, the transition will be like my surgery.  A sudden change that God has been preparing me for that will require adjustments on my part.  I can’t expect to do everything I was doing here right after I make the move- it’ll take time to get plugged in to a church, learn the roads, get plugged in with a community band/orchestra, etc.  And not only will it take time, but it will take the support of others that God graciously puts in my path.


But, I trust, that in the long run I will be able to look back and say it was all worth it!  So, thanks to those of you who have “tweaked the wires” and helped prepare me for this transition!  And, most of all, thanks be to God who has orchestrated this and had this in his plan all along! 🙂


I’ll be posting more regularly now, so check back if you’re curious how the “surgery” goes!


Merry Christmas! December 29, 2011

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Merry Christmas (a few days late!) from the beautiful state of Colorado!  Some heavy snow last week ensured that we would have a white Christmas. 🙂


My time out here has been great!!!  I guess you can’t expect less when you’re in a great place and spending time with great people (and eating great food!).  While out here, I attended a Christmas Eve service with about 20 relatives, celebrated Christmas with close to 30 relatives (who live as far as LA, Canada and Pennsylvania), celebrated my sister’s upcoming wedding with realtives, walked through Garden of the Gods, hiked through the snow and “bowled” snowballs along the way, helped finish a 1000 piece puzzle in a day, stayed up late watching and making fun of “Toddlers in Tiaras” with my cousin… and my trip isn’t even over yet! 🙂


On Christmas, we watched an awesome modern day version of the Christmas story.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

A Social Network Christmas


Also, I thought this was pretty great:

Stay tuned for a more reflective post about Christmas! 🙂


Colorful Colorado July 9, 2011

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Probably the easiest way to summarize my vacation out in Colorado is to post some photos with captions.  If you want to know/see more, you’ll have to talk to me. 🙂  Here we go…

Walking out of the terminal at the DIA, there were thousands of folded paper cranes pinned to the wall. So while other people were cruising along on the moving sidewalk, I had to slow up to take a picture!

A rose from my grandparents' garden 🙂 ...one of their many beautiful roses

A ladybug walking upside down on a bug covered plant at the top of Green Mountain- where I went on a hike with my cousin!

Driving up to the mountain house we rented in Winter Park... gorgeous! 🙂

the view from Berthoud Pass (elevation 11,307 feet... yeah, I got high on vacation!)

The walls (and tables) in a pizza place called Hernando's... covered with decorated dollar bills- somewhere around 20,000 total!!!!

Unreflected beautiful Colorado sunset taken from the wrap-around balcony of the house where we stayed.

Sunset reflection off the new Honda pilot

As promised, here's a picture from when we went alpine sliding. Sooooo much fun! Spent most of the day riding the lift and blazing down the mountain on a winding concrete chute riding a sled-like cart with wheels... until I bumped one of the employees who was riding in front of me- oops!

Hiking through Narnia as winter turns to spring 🙂 Much of the trail was covered with snow and mud, so we couldn’t go all the way to the lake

Enjoying a game of Steal Scrabble... I managed alright this round!

All good things must come to an end... looking out the back window on the drive home through Kansas. We started our drive on July 4th, so we got to see fireworks glittering over little towns! 🙂


Winter Park July 2, 2011

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I’ve only been in CO for 4 full days, but they have been full of fun!  You’ll have to talk to me if you want to hear the stories, but here are a few highlights:

  • 3 times at the airport (once when I flew in, twice in one day to pick up different family members)… conversations about the infamous red-eyed blue horse were… interesting!  haha!
  • relaxing day at my grandparents which involved 3 tasty meals!
  • spending the day with Swany:) -hiking up Green Mountain, yougurtland (amazingness!), watching To Save a Life (great movie!) and Bible study
  • hanging out with my Aunt- short hike/walk at Bear Creek… random chill fun-ness
  • dinner with family at Red Lobster
  • breakfast with everyone! 🙂 good food and fun stories!
  • day 1 at Winter Park (shown in picture- not one I took)- packing in the new car, disc golf, tasty food (seems to be a recurring theme!), reading on the wrap around balcony and watching the sunset, games!


And tomorrow alpine sliding!!!!!!!!!  If you have no idea what that is, look it up or check back for a post about it! 🙂